Answers to some commonly asked questions:

Which receivers fit?

  • Ruger® 10/22® old and new styles
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown® (Takedown Chassis models)
  • Ruger® Charger
  • Ruger® Charger Takedown model
  • Kidd Innovative Designs 0.22
  • Tactical Solutions X-Ring Receiver
  • Tactical Innovations 0.22 receiver
  • Tactical Innovations Elite22 
  • Magnum Research MLR22
  • Select Fire 0.22
  • Volquartsen 0.22 receiver


Which parts won't fit?

  • Integral Tang Kidd Supergrade Action: This is the Old Kidd Supergrade with the tang machined as part of the receiver. The fillets between the receiver and tang hit the chassis. This is a feature we can add if you email us.
  • Gateway Precision Arms, cast stainless receiver:  This receiver has a tang that is not compatible with our chassis.
  • Volquartsen trigger pack: Some do, some don’t, some customers gunsmith the chassis to make it work. There is a fillet on the trigger pack that hits the sharp edge of the rear locking shelf on our chassis. This will not be an issue with a Longnose chassis.
  • 22 Magnum and 17HMR actions will not fit.


Do you make a Longnose without a rear tang cutout?

No, and the rear locking shelf is not there either. There are other configurations that are possible with that chassis, though it is primarily used with Kidd receivers with a Kidd tang.
Without the rear locking shelf a standard 10/22® receiver will have only the action screw as its point of contact, and the action will tend to see-saw around that one point.


How can I export a chassis to my country ?

 Here are a few exporters:

POINT 2 POINT Global solutions
2125 Independence Dr. Unit C
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
O:+1 (989) 317-3773
Adriana Pignone
10925 NW 27th Street # 201-G
Miami, FL 33172 (USA)
Tel & Fax: 305-967-8019
Mobile: 954-471-5606

Why are the anodize colors dark?

A typical commercial clear anodize thickness is 0.0002", and has a light silver color.  Hard clear anodize is 0.0020" thick and is a neutral grey.  We spec an anodize thickness of  0.0006" - 0.0010" for added durability.  As a result this anodize thickness gives a rich darker shade in comparison to the typical thin commercial anodize.  In addition, the thickness of the anodize may vary slightly from batch to batch.  For example this may change the red to more of a burgundy color, and the blue to more of a Sapphire blue.  The finish is matte due to the oxide blast prior to anodize. 

It is unlikely that our anodize colors will match other commercially manufactured anodized parts.

The pictures of the products on the web site were color calibrated to a neutral grey target.  However, the color temperature of the light with which you view the pictures as well as your screen settings can change the color you see. 


Which stock components fit the chassis?  Mil-Spec vs Commercial.

There are four common variations, three of which will fit.  The first step is that your stock and buffer tubes need to match.  Mil-Spec stocks go on Mil-Spec buffer tubes, Commercial Stocks go on Commercial buffer tubes.  Both types of tubes can fit the chassis. There are four common variations of the tub, three of which fit the chassis.
1) Mil-Spec: OK
Military Specification buffer tubes are made from 7075 forgings, Though they are thin and strong.  The tube diameter is smaller than the thread diameter, threads are cut and should be a snug fit with the chassis. If the threads are out of spec, we have seen some, they won’t fit, even if their class 1B castle nut does.
2) Commercial: OK
These are made from a 6061 extrusion. The tube diameter is larger, and the threads are cut on the low end of spec. These will fit our chassis too.
3) Roll formed mil spec: OK
There are made form an extruded mil spec profile, smaller tube, and roll formed threads up to dimension.  These will still work, though they are ½ the strength of the real thing.
4) Mil-Spec extrusion with cut threads: Won't Fit
Someone who didn't know what they were doing took the mil spec extrusion and cut the threads on it, these don’t fit.


Can I leave a note with my order?

Once you add an item to your cart there is a message box where you can add special instructions to your order.  


Where do you make your products ?

     All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.


I have a different question :

Please e-mail us with questions at:


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